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Huge crowds dance and play cricket in London after pubs close at 10pm in curfew chaos

Sozzled Brits danced in central London and even played cricket in the street after pubs closed at 10pm. A large mob of revellers were filmed singing and bopping along to music from a blaring sound system in Piccadilly Circus last night.

Footage shared on social media shows many young people dancing and singing as a sound system blares music in Piccadilly Circus and crowds playing cricket in the street in Peckham.

Although some revellers can be seen wearing a face mask in Piccadilly Circus, most of them are mask-less and do not adhere to social distancing measures put in place by the Government to curb the spread of Covid-19.
The video, which was apparently recorded at 10.37pm on Saturday night, also shows some people drinking and others filming the street party.
Angry viewers expressed their concern after watching the video.
A person wrote: "People to consider other people who don’t want to catch the virus? Nah, too much to ask!"
One more added: "I bet first line workers must be totally ecstatic when they see scenes like this."
And a similar clip filmed in Peckham, south London, shows another big crowd playing games and music in the street, ignoring social distancing and face mask rules.
People are seen playing cricket and the crowd shouts and cheers as the batsman hits the ball, as revellers are seen holding cans in the street.
"My guess was that it had recently started as everyone was kicked out of the local pubs and bars," James Jones, a documentary maker who caught the game on video, told the PA news agency.

"I was there for about 10 minutes and it was still going strong."
Mr Jones, himself from Peckham, said that the game felt like a 'moment of joy'.
He said: "Obviously on social media people are projecting all sorts of views onto it.
"Being there, it felt like a very sweet and exuberant moment of joy. And we could all do with some more joy at the moment!"
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged Londoners to wear a mask, as the number of people in hospital with coronavirus increased across every part of England on Saturday.
A 10pm curfew has been imposed on pubs, bars and restaurants as part of new measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.
But concerns have been raised about people flouting social distancing rules to gather in the street or at home after leaving pubs and bars.
On Friday night, crowds were seen spilling out onto the streets after pubs, bars and restaurants closed under the 10pm curfew in London's Leicester Square.
The footage was shared on Twitter with the caption: "Crowds try to socially distance then give up as they gather to listen and dance to the drummer busker banging out some tunes in #LeicesterSquare .... boos as police shut it down due to #coronavirus restrictions #socialdistancing."
It comes as the Mayor of London has said that stricter coronavirus restrictions are 'inevitable' and that when they are brought into force he wants them to be London-wide.
On Friday, Sadiq Khan told LBC: "We are at a very serious tipping point. The virus is accelerating in every part of London.
"All Londoners should strictly follow the rules and guidance in place - and also take all sensible precautions to protect themselves and slow the spread of the virus."
Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has been accused of breaking his own coronavirus curfew by drinking in a Commons bar beyond 10pm.
The Health Secretary is then also claimed to have made a joke about the Government’s test and trace failings.
According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Hancock arrived at the bar just before a 9.40pm vote earlier this week and ordered a glass of white wine.

The PM is set to announce a new three-tier system in a bid to halt rapidly rising cases of coronavirus across the county.
It means ten million Northerners could be back under a tougher lockdown as they fall into Tier 3 of the plans.
Areas with a low rate of infection will be placed in 'Tier 1' - where only national restrictions such as the Rule of Six and the 10pm curfew on hospitality venues will apply.
Regions in 'Tier Two' will see a ban on home visits and indoor socialising with other households.
And 'Tier Three' will see the most serious measures - including a total closure of the hospitality sector and a ban on overnight stays outside the home.
Other measures feared to be announced tomorrow include ordering people to not mix indoors and outdoors in the worst hits parts of the country. Beauty salons and sports venues could also be closed down in the severe regional lockdown.
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